Getting the help for an addiction, for you or a loved one can seem like an exhausting experience, but it can be the starting point for making positive changes in your life.

How Will They Decide If I Am Addicted? 


Approaches to addiction treatment depend on the needs of the individual. They may include, Detoxification, Individual therapy and Group therapy. 

Which Treatment Approach to Use? 


Recovery is a gradual process, over several months or years. New Directions Of Central Florida Sober Living Facility offers a safe and secured recovery residence.

New Directions Sober Living Facility 

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There Is Hope!

 At New Directions and Perspectives II, we offer comprehensive treatment solutions for recovery from alcoholism, substance abuse, and drug addiction. From intervention and detox, to sober living facilities, medical treatments for opiate and pain pill withdrawal such as Suboxone®, and IOP (intensive outpatient treatment), we can provide a complete recovery program tailored to you or your loved ones specific treatment needs. Our IOP can include individual, group, and family counseling sessions.
 Whether you or your loved on are suffering from alcohol abuse, opiate dependency (prescription pain pills such as Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Roxycontin), or other narcotic addiction such as prescription benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium), cocaine, heroin, or marijuana, we are here to help with our qualified team of therapists, counselors, doctors, and support staff.
 RECOVERY is a family success story and at New Directions we take pride in our efforts to help unify the family and walk together with them on the path toward freedom from drug and alcohol dependency. There is HOPE!

Mr. Jack Chappell C.A.S. , C.A.C. Owner/Exec. Director


Perspectives II

PERSPECTIVES II is an outpatient program for the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency and problems related to addiction. Oriented to 12-step recovery, the Program adheres to the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Information Center

We hope you will come to rely on New Directions and Perspectives II as a trusted resource to understanding the problems associated with drug addiction and alcoholism. Having a better understanding of an addiction problem is a key to Recovery.


Family Programs

Families of drug addicts live with constant shame and guilt, and often live with the constant wish that they could make things better for their loved one. There's a lot to worry about if your son, daughter, parent or spouse has an addiction.